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In the modern business environment, every business, large or small, faces some kind of Security risk that it needs to manage.

Providing the right approach to Security issues facing an organisation can be difficult and indeed cost more than it needs to without the right approach.

Alliance Security offers a wide portfolio of expertise that can help your organisation deal with whatever Security problem it is facing and meet the needs of your business.

Our consultancy capabilities and our long operational experience provide an opportunity to develop a comprehensive and effective Security framework for your organisation.


A selection of key areas that Alliance can consult on include:

Security policies & Procedures:
Having a Security policy for your organisation provides a sound platform for the Security role within your organisation.

It also reflects management commitment, helps to integrate the role into the corporate culture and provides the scope of the role so that all stakeholders know what is being done to protect them and what is expected of them in order to assist that process.

Alliance provides Security policy development services, the goal of which is to formalise the goals, principles, processes and techniques used by an organisation for the achievement of effective security.

It will also help decide what can or should be done in-house and what can or should be done through outsourced providers.

Alliance can act as your outsourced Security department, provide contracted security services, or indeed provide you with an in-house Security Manager.

Security Auditing, Design of Security Response:
Alliance offers services to develop, support and enhance the security structure of an organisation. We can assess your current security set-up, the threats to your business and design and implement an appropriate solution that meets the needs of your business and the risks facing it.

In order to be effective security measures need to be constantly reviewed and updated. Our experienced consultants will conduct a comprehensive review of security, highlight any areas for concern and draw up a list of recommendations to prevent the likelihood of a breach of security. The review encompasses all aspects of security, including:

  • Access control systems – identification of personnel, recording of visitors, restrictions for employees out of working hours, deliveries, etc.
  • Alarm systems and surveillance operations
  • Recruitment procedures
  • Protection of information, raw materials and finished goods
  • Disposal of rubbish and confidential information
  • Other security measures necessary to ensure a safe working environment
Business Continuity Planning (BCP):
Modern life has many ways of throwing things up that can affect our everyday lives. For business however incidents can have more serious implications:

  • 80% of businesses affected by a major incident close within 18 months.
  • 90% of businesses that lose data from a disaster are forced to shut within 2 years.


Having a Business Continuity Programme in place demonstrates to employees, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders in your business that their interests are being looked after. It can also assist in protecting your less tangible assets such as brand, reputation and client confidence.

BCP is the planning and preparations that are necessary to identify the impact of potential losses; to formulate and implement viable recovery strategies; to develop recovery plan(s) which ensure continuity of organisational services in the event of an emergency, incident or crisis; and to deliver a comprehensive training, testing and maintenance programme.

Our Business continuity team at Alliance can work with your organisation to establish a robust framework and plan that your business can then use to demonstrate what and how it will be delivered, key roles and responsibilities and how Business Continuity Management will be governed and reported upon.

Our approach also finds that successful testing and review of the plan ensures that an implementation of any Business Continuity Plan will be successful and continuity to be viable.

Threat Analysis:
We can also provide you with a comprehensive profile of the threats facing your company. This will enable you to ensure that you are employing risk mitigation strategies where the chance of exploitation is most likely to occur.

Effective threat assessment and risk analysis enables companies to identify, prioritise and manage the security threats to their business to avoid many problems, maximising security and increasing the likelihood of achieving business objectives.

Staff Training:
Employees of an organisation may require Security training in different aspects of Security.

This may be anything from general Security awareness training for a large number of staff or more specialised Security training for specific members of staff to deal with specific types of situations.

Security Culture Development:
The logical extension of specific training in Security matters is to undertake a change programme within an organisation whereby all employees are imbued with a different perspective on Security so that it is integrated into the employment role and natural responsibility of every employee.

A programme such as this requires a clear role for Security within an organisation, clear support from senior management, a clear communication and involvement strategy and clear areas of responsibility.

Using this approach, effective Security is maximised, as everyone is involved in it. It simply becomes part of the way things are done. The benefits are clearly understood and this, in turn, leads to enhanced employee participation, commitment, and ultimately success in achieving Security aims.


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